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Collection of computer recorded songs. 2009-2011.

Celebrated Technophobe

I Want O Cross

Ola May + Arlin Hott

Borderland Mystery

Computer Recording. 2010

Rattle My Bones

Mummy Curse

Reality Show


Ox Slav Band

Live trio. 2008

Laugh now

Alela Diane Records “Dusty Attic”

Dusty Attic


Made in the same session as Featherwieght, 2003-2004. Released as green vinyl 7″.

Spring Rites



Black Xero 

recorded live in several locations winter 2004.

Lonely Soul


recorded in Camptonville Ca. 2003-2004. Four track tape. Includes guest artists.

I Can’t Think

Come Alive

Recorded in the canyons of the Yuba, Nevada City, Fall 2003. Analog recording by Ethan Gickers on a reel to reel tape machine, all live. Includes a performance at St. Josephs in Grass Valley, digitally recorded by Ben Goodman.

Where is the World


Four track tape. Recorded in Auburn, Sacramento, and, Grass Valley, Ca. Summer 2001.


Do The Jog

Skeleton Key to the West

Recorded to four track tape in Auburn, Ca. 2000

Jimson Raver

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